"I DWELL IN POSSIBILITY" -- Emily Dickinson

the Black Cake was ordinary enough
       2 pounds of flour -- sugar -- butter -- 19 eggs
       5 pounds of raisins -- 2 of currants and citron
       some brandy -- molasses -- and nutmeg

the Basket was plain and serviceable
       woven of ash splints with a neatly fitting cover
       a line of string hung from its handle
       some Amherst children played beneath her window

but they were not threadbare or starving
       no begging -- plenty to eat in the pantry
       still -- they had been playing all day long
       and were glad of a Picnic break

there was no need to lower them a Basket of Cakes
       nothing was broken -- no one hurt
       it was just a generous impulse
       like a Mansion gracious of Windows