Bellingham Review showcases stunning writing of the highest caliber. In issue #53 alone, we recommend Rebecca Kanner's short story "Thieves"; June Unjoo Yang's "Revival"; and Rebecca Black's poem "Vacation." Details and guidelines at

Branches Quarterly features an eclectic combination of fiction, poetry, and visual art, making it a good venue for writers and readers alike. We recommend Nancy A. Henry's poem "Abandoned Photograph Album." Details and guidelines at

Carve Magazine With two issues a month and twelve stories an issue, Carve Magazine is an excellent market for new and established writers. We recommend Andrew McKenna's short story "The Beatification of Ali Obeid." Details and guidelines at

Full Circle: A Journal of Poetry and Prose publishes well-crafted work by emerging and established writers. The design is somewhat bare bones, but the writing is solid and worth checking out. We recommend Charles Fishman's poem "A True History of Food." Details and guidelines at

Glimmer Train is professionally produced and exceedingly well distributed. In a day and age in which magazines such as Lucky, In Style, and Allure dominate the racks, it gives one hope to see a copy of Glimmer Train peeking out behind an issue of Vogue. That said, some of the stories are hit or miss, but when they hit, they hit hard. We recommend June Unjoo Yang's short story "A Sentimental Education," which appears in Issue 45: Winter 2003. Details and guidelines at

The Harrow takes its name from Franz Kafka's "In the Penal Colony" and publishes harrowing horror fiction in Kafka's vein. Spare, elegant design balanced against melodramatic genre fiction makes The Harrow a good bet for horror aficionados. We look forward to reading The Harrow's first anthology, Fear of the Unknown, when it comes out. Details and guidelines at

Mid-American Review, the literary magazine of the University of Bowling Green State University, publishes quality fiction, poetry, and translations of literary works. We especially recommend Amy Benson's poem, "An Argument for Disaster," which appears in the Volume XXII, No. 2 issue. Details and guidelines at:

Missouri Review publishes outstanding fiction and poetry. We recommend Michael Lundell's short story "Connect," which appears in the Volume 26, Number 2 2003 issue. Details and guidelines at

Nebraska Review publishes fiction and poetry of a very high caliber. We recommend Drew Perry's short story, "Love is Gnats Today," which appears in the Winter 2003 issue. Details and guidelines at

Natural Bridge This beautiful print publication offers high quality fiction and poetry. We recommend Dan Pope's short story "House on Goose Pond" in issue number 8, Fall 2002, and Wendy E. Coulter's "Fall" in Volume 2, Number 1. Details and guidelines at

Nerve Cowboy offers entertaining, eclectic, and, well-written works. We recommend "Robert Plath's poem "Master of All Masters," which appears in the #15, Spring 2003 issue. Details and guidelines at

Nidus, the online literary journal of the University of Pittsburgh's MFA program, publishes poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. We recommend Peg Peoples' poem "Over The Willamette," which appears in the spring 2003 issue. Details and guidelines at

Pedestal Magazine publishes excellent poetry and literary fiction. We recommend Michael Johnson's poem "Waterwalker," which appears in Pedestal's 20th issue. Details and guidelines at

River City This excellent journal showcases prose and poetry of a very high caliber. We recommend Mary L. Tabor's short story "Madness and Folly," which appears in Volume 23:2, Summer 2003 issue. Details and guidelines at

Rosebud: the Magazine for People Who Enjoy Good Writing is everything a good literary journal should be and more. In addition to fine writing, annual contests, and guest appearances by such literary hyper-luminaries as Ray Bradbury and Ursula K. LeGuin (the names alone make us verklempt), Rosebud offers outstanding illustrations and entertaining crossword puzzles in each issue. Details and guidelines at

Stirring: A Literary Collection This monthly web journal offers an interesting assortment of poetry, prose, and visual art. We enjoyed Benjamin Chambers' short story "A Recommendation for Dismissal of the Operative," which appears in the September 2003 issue. Details and guidelines at

Sweet Fancy Moses: Where Wit Lives routinely publishes buffoonish fiction of the highest caliber: consistently comic, refreshingly free of cheese. For a real treat, open up the archive vaults and read Matt Amati's novel Konstantinople. Details and guidelines at

Swink Magazine publishes high-quality literary fiction, non-fiction, and poetry--D. Nurkse's poem, "A Stoop in Brooklyn," is especially worth checking out. Nice design--sedate but professional--and a clean layout make this site a worthwhile venue. Details and guidelines at

Willow Springs, the literary magazine of the MFA program at the University of Eastern Washington, consistently publishes excellent works by talented writers committed to their craft. Details and guidelines at

Zoetrope launched nearly seven years ago, giving us high hopes for a high-caliber, well-funded journal for emerging talent. Unfortunately, while this magazine attracts big literary fish, the stories themselves frequently lack luster. That said, we hear they pay well, so we will keep trying. Details and guidelines at