Thea Iberall
Los Angeles, CA
[email protected]

Thea Iberall is a poet, playwright, and scientist. She says "writing a poem is a challenge to tell a big story through a little window." Thea likes challenges. She wrote a musical about neurons without knowing how to write musicals (she figured being in therapy and studying neuroscience was enough). She's also been published (here's the blah...blah...blah) in Rattle , Spillway, The Southern California Anthology, Common Lives/Lesbian Lives, San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, Peregrine XVI, Apollo's Lyre, and ONTHEBUS. She was a semifinalist in the Atlanta Review International Poetry Competition. Thea's chapbook Be Ye Love (Inevitable Press, 1997) is part of the Laguna Poets reading series. She's also a juggler, clown, and magician. As a performance poet, Thea represented Los Angeles at the 1998 National Poetry Slam Competition (3rd place). Her love of words and theatre have recently taken her into playwriting, and Thea has had staged readings and performances of her plays and musicals. Her one-act play "Primed For Love" (written with her 91-year old mother) will be part of The Eclectic Theatre's New Works Festival this fall. To combine both sides of her brain, Thea has developed contextual poetry to integrate the knowledge of science and history with the language of poetry. Okay, one more thing, about all those letters after her name. Thea has a Master's Degree in Writing (USC) and a Ph.D. in Computational Neuroscience (U Mass). If you want to see more poetry or more credentials, go to