Matt Amati
Madison, WI

So I thought it was time for me to tell you a bit about this fellow Matt and where he lives and what his favorite kind of jelly is. He used to live in Chicago, but then he moved elsewhere. Most of the time he engages in really dreary stuff which you won't want to know about. The interesting thing about him is that he seems to have been born with no talent of any kind whatsoever. You might think it cruel of the Creator to have endowed him not only with such drab personal features and execrable taste in hats, but this cosmic prankster went one further and robbed Matt of even the most rudimentary 'knack' for selling steak knives, filling out paperwork or learning Ancient Greek. Most of what he's good for is doodling on napkins and making little pictures move about and hit each other with frying pans. He has a fantastic girlfriend named Melissa whom we all think has a bit of a blind spot where he's concerned. Anyway, you might find passing enjoyment in some of the ink marks strewn about this website, but under no circumstances should you meet Matt for lunch and actually eat with him (ugh!)

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